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Is Screw Piles

We are a locally owned Manitoba business
installing certified screw piles for all your
project needs.

Common screwpile Applications

Retaining Walls
image of retaining wall construction.
house additions

At Accuracy Vital Ground Anchors we make every effort to install your screwpile foundation in the exact location and height with minimum impact to your project area! Screw Piles are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete piles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your screw piles certified?

Yes, they are. Don’t be fooled by non-certified competitors and screw pile companies.

How long are the screw piles?

They are 7 and 8 feet long depending on the pile.

How long does it take you to install Screw Piles?

From the start of the job until completion. Minimum = 1 hour  to Maximum = 3 – 6 hours.

What happens if you hit something in the ground, where I need the screw pile?

We move the screw piles, until we can get them into the ground. Whatever we run into, we customize the screw pile according to your needs, to minimize your wait time as much as possible.

Is there any damage to my yard?

We try our best to not disturb your lawn by using planks of wood where needed. Some disturbance is to be expected around where the pile itself is being installed.

How do you know where the screw piles go?

If you are unsure where they go, we will help out by measuring the area for you. Otherwise, we expect our customers to have their property prepared with markers or blueprints, as to where the screw piles go.

Do you charge for mileage?

$20 fuel charge per job

Do I need to call anyone before I call you?

You must call 1-888-MBHYDRO (1-888-624-9376) or in Winnipeg call 204-480-1212. Remember to also check and contact all other utilities within your project area.

what our customers are saying

Screwpiles installed in a difficult location.

Wes Hildberg, A&A Contracting

These guys are good. Not only did they get the height within spec. but they installed the screw piles directly under the vertical support beams. We’ll be calling these two fellows for all our screw pile needs.

Exceeded expectations for homeowner, top notch workmanship.

Gerry Ediger, Lac Du Bonnet, MB

I would recommend these guys in a heartbeat. I had marked out what I thought was required and found out that I needed an extra Screw Pile and I had placed the anchors incorrectly. These guys had the Screw Piles laid out properly and installed within an hour and that was with having to place the Screw Piles about 18 inches below ground level. I am more than happy with the way they left my yard and the quality of workmanship.

Best contractor experience to date, had my screwpiles accurately installed within a short time.

J.B, La Salle, MB.

Great friendly guys that helped me accurately set the locations and heights of the screw piles for my backyard deck build. The screw piles were installed quickly, no mess in my yard and I was one satisfied customer. I would definitely recommend these guys!


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